ACS Forged | 2005 to 2023 Toyota Tacoma Long Bed

ACS Forged | 2005 to 2023 Toyota Tacoma Long Bed

The Forged Active Cargo System is the Next-generation Active Cargo System from Leitner Designs. The ACS Forged features extreme load carrying capability thanks to its single piece aluminum alloy uprights and custom 10.9 Alloy steel fasteners.

NOTE: We highly recommend choosing the 'With Bed Stiffeners' option. Tacoma beds are known to deform under heavy load, and the Tacoma bed stiffeners greatly help reduce the chances of bed deformation. They are included in the 'With Bed Stiffeners' option.

Product Features:

  • Sliding load bar - Allows you to load large items such as motorcycles and mounted bikes with a twist of a knob - U.S. Patent 9586629
  • Optional integrated Gear Pods - Give you locking, water-resistant storage within easy reach. The pods follow the vehicle body lines that keeps wind noise down and gives the system a factory race look! Gear Pod - U.S. Patent 10259508
  • Custom Black fasteners – The grade 10.9 fasteners are especially designed and manufactured just for the ACS FORGED. The Black Zi-Ni coating is the toughest on the market and each bolt is pre-coated with Loctite to prevent loosening under extreme vibration.

      Product Specifications: 
      • Only weighs 85lbs.
      • 23” Tall when measured from top of bed caps
      • Aluminum alloy construction
      • Grade 10.9 black Zi-NI coated fasteners
      • Heavy Duty 2.0” square load bars
      • Rubber wind diffuser/ load pad to keep your cargo from shifting
      • Quad-rail load beam design for endless mounting options
      • Fits many Thule, Rhino-rack and Yakima accessories
      • Dual-stage powder coated Steel brackets
      • Fully upgradable with an ever-growing line of accessories.
      • Off-Road Dynamic Weight Capacity | 400
      • On-Road Dynamic Weight Capacity | 800
      • Parked Static Weight Capacity | 1400
      • Compatible with DECKED storage system
      • Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA
      • U.S. Patent 9586629


      It is recommended that you use a Tacoma Bed Stiffener in conjunction with the ACS Forged rack.