Customer Todd Huey featured in North American Whitetail Magazine

Todd Huey of Huey Outdoors is featured in North American Whitetail Magazine this month and uses his Active Cargo System as an integral tool in his pig hunting guide business. Todd has the ACS Classic mounted to his Toyota Tundra and uses the GearPod XL, GearPod, and Leitner Universal Mounting Plates with Rotopax.

The wild pig population in Texas is between 3-5 million pigs and are found in about 90% of the counties in the state. The economic, agricultural, and environmental impact of the pigs are detrimental to most of the communities in Texas. In May 2019 Governor Gregg Abbott signed a bill allowing people to kill feral hogs without a license in hopes of putting a dent in the growing population. The destruction caused by the feral pigs range from eating agricultural crops, eating all the food sources for game animals, to destroying recreational areas. Annually in North America wild pigs do some $400 million in damages.